Friday, 29 January 2010

29 : Grocery shopping


Stopped by to get a few things that mother and sister wanted, I only had 5 items in my shopping cart while all the people around me had either one FULL cart or two! I then realized that its the end of the month, then I started thinking, do people shop for grocery ONLY when they get their salaries? I've always seen that its an ongoing process at our house, a weekly if not bi-weekly house supply of food and other stuff. That way the load is not that big and the food is fresh, so why wait till your fridge/ house is empty then shop? If that's the case then its bad inventory planning and bad management for resources! BUT if people really lacked cash that much that they had to delay their essentials to the pay day then we have a more serious problem! poverty, even if it was bad management that got them to that stage, I still think that they are poor, not only financially but also educationally.

That's when a man in front of me told me to go to the express line and I told him, thank you but I don't have cash :) all of a sudden I got an angry look from the wife! I thought I didn't see properly she is probably not angry, we are allowed to talk to people around, aren't we? Then she left their empty cart in front of me and stood by the man till he finished paying then they went! leaving that empty cart in front of me!! I wouldn't kill them to move it, after all they did carry their stuff in it. It's just rude, so I called the worker to take the extra empty cart and finished what I was doing.

between the simple politeness gesture a man made the other day to move to an other chair just to clear out my vision of the screen @ the screening in cinemagics and the rudeness shopping cart couple/wife I realized that when someone is nice, they should be thanked, they are a blessing in this world and do leave you smiling till the end of your day.


ba6alah said...

she felt jealous :]

A Human said...

i've just realized that it's real that nice people really can make you smile until the end of the day ... and the rude people .. i just ignore them ... they don't deserve to be the reason behind my sadness or anger .... thank you for sharing :D

Anonymous said...

im having the same problem,im being nice with ppl everywhere i go and i get nothing :O,i guess rudeness is taking over :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

If thats true then she needs therapy :D

A Human
uw :> cool blog loved the sketches very creative! and yes I too ignore them, but I do hope that they be better people,, one day!

LOL, I think not yet :p and that is why I mentioned the kind gesture of the man who was sitting in front of me, just to show that we have a + & a - , I think if we try more we'll be better :)