Tuesday, 26 January 2010

26 : Keep Kuwait Clean, for a change!

As I was enjoying the natural plants that are fairly scattered here and there in Kuwait, I saw this broken soft drink glass bottle! And I wondered, why?! I really do not get the mentality of people who throw things on the floor, I think the easiest thing you can do in this world is clean up your self and for your self. Why leave your junk behind? I still recall my primary school principal asking us weather we would throw things in our house, of course the answer was no, so she said Kuwait is your home.

Change! Start from your self and people around you :)

ما اعتقد انه صعب حيل على الشخص انه يحافظ على نظافة الكويت! و ما يحذف بالارض العلب اللي انتهى من استخدامها! بعد كل هالتوعية و التقدم اللي احنا فيه للحين انشوف هالمناظر بالكويت،، عيب. و للحين اذكر كلام ناظرة مدرستي الابتدائية : تقطون الوصاخة بالارض في بيوتكم؟ طبعا كنا نقول لااء! كانت ترد علينا : الكويت بيتكم

غيّر ،، ابداء بنفسك و بمن حولك


Hamad Bahrouh said...

Hey there how are you nice post...

thats why i created this group in the first place.... maybe awareness helps!


Q80-Chill Girl said...


I'm great, hank you very much :) well it is a nice group am a member :p but u have been quiet for a while, however i see some light on the new event soon inshallah? And yes awareness is a lot of help :> ya36ekum el3afiyah, with more lively and prompt actions ur group will spread the awareness and maybe build the care inside those careless people,,