Monday, 25 January 2010

25 : Italian Water

From a regular blood test check up to bringing more plants, then ended up in True Value Al-Rai. Cafe Organica over there was cozy and quiet. While browsing the magazine and having small chats with mom, among a moment of silent she said:
I like this bottle of water!
Me: want us to take it?
Mom: YES, can we?
Me: Why not?

Asked the nice lady over there and she said sure, with a puzzled look :D then I told her that mother fell in love with it :p then the silence broke and she became more talkative with us :> And here we are, with a piece of Italy in our home, but the water wasn't as nice as the bottle looked :p

And yes water taste differs from brand to brand, in case you will comment like my sisters: its water, it shouldn't have a taste!

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