Thursday, 7 January 2010

7 : Furniture hunting

Taken from above, Banta. Evening plan interrupted by family to go and hunt for some complimentary stuff needed for the annual renewal for the house! It is a very joyous time for my mother :> The part that I enjoy in this whole process is space management, I soon will need my space management skills to rearrange & decorate my room, stuff are piling up I need to organize my mess.


3baidsblog said...

You renew your home every year? *scratches head* :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...


YES! one or two max :/ mom thing! but not the whole house, only the main hall down and living room, those get renewed more often than anything in the house

Flamin' Carrot said...

Nice! Banta has some excelelnt paitings, but what I like the most about it is that not too many people know about it and thus stuff from there stills feels somewhat unique :-D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

True, and I do not know why not a lot of people go there? I guess the area? The coolest thing about Banta is the custom made furniture