Wednesday, 13 January 2010

13 : Don't imitate! Innovate

Seen in a shop down town Kuwait, in the building opposite to Souq Al-Safat. when I saw this weird man-looking, somewhat scary! figure, made of paper and the scribbles on it, I immediately laughed :D and in the same time, comparing it to the other shops around he did innovate! The story of my admiration of the phrase I chose for the title came from the 1999 Hugo Boss perfume campaign which I still do love to say every once and a while! So back to the tiny stationary store, the store owner was pretty happy with my photo shoot and told me that there is a girl figure inside also, I could not go in and see it we were in a hurry, but I told him that his way of advertising is very nice and unique.

Regardless of the crappy shape, cheap material used, he did have a good idea and stood out there among his peers :]

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