Friday, 15 January 2010

GulfRun 5

And the GulfRun is back :> The car show is ongoing till tomorrow, in 360 mall, Friday15th & Saturday16th of January 2010, from 10am - 10pm

For those who dont know what is GulfRun, it is:

"The GulfRun was first created in 2005 by a group of young Kuwaitis' who wanted to practice car racing in a professional and secure environment. They wanted to avoid street racing, reduce car accidents, and prevent spreading fear among public, therefore, they rented the world renowned Bahrain International Circuit to be able to achieve their goal, strengthen their driving skills and learn the capability of their cars.

Three years later the GulfRun has evolved into an annual friendly racing competition. Under the guidance of professional-racers and instructors, racers are able to push their cars to the limits in a regulated and secured environment. At the Bahrain International Circuit, full safety will be emphasized as multiple instructors will be present along with a full safety staff, commonplace in F1 races."

More info about the event is in their website.

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