Sunday, 3 October 2010

276 : Nano

A while ago I lost my nano classic, which I got as a gift from a dear friend, who I didn't tell till the moment that I lost her gift :( I am still on the hope of finding it, who knows! So I started searching, to find out what is the BEST option for me, to fit my needs, since I only use it in the gym and want something light, comfortable to be worn with any outfit, compact. I know previously that the nano is the best for me, since I can not stand the tiny space of the shuffle nor the dull wheel thing, I love to see a screen in my gadge, and the big iPod touch is out of the question I wouldn't hold something this big, am already REALLY bored & bothered with the BlackBerry's size! And can't get another hand held device that size or close to it.

So of the Nano's available, the 6th generation made perfect sense to me:

- easy to attach, no additional accesories required
- clips on to almost any piece of clothing
- has a touch screen
- easy to scroll through
- size 8GB perfect for my play lists & podcasts
- found it in a VERY reasonable price @ Eureka 59KD [Blink : 63KD - Apple almost : 42KD with shipping it could reach 50?]
 - adorably tiny & cute!

Ok the last one was a bit shallow but its true lol, i love holding it, reminds me of my canari when I was a kid,,, not sure why nor how are they related! hmm guess its the size :/

ANYHOW am happy with it so fond of exploring it, took the Cherry Blossoms background and chose the play lists & podcasts to sync and am good to go :D

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