Monday, 11 October 2010

284 : My mobile is a dictator

As I was driving back home, my mobile's battery died! For around an hour I was disconnected, just like the old days, when in the 80s my dad was the only one with a mobile phone that pretty much looked like a mini fridge. With time we reached to the level of communicating with the whole world via voice, image, video & text. The internet made a huge revolution in communication it linked us with a BIG web, in a way that made the six degrees of separation theory seem silly, in terms of being closer with less thank 6 degrees :}

In that hour I actually had peace! No calls, no messages, no surfing or checking twitter that I am addicted to recently. I had a full hour to me, I really enjoyed it, although I could not help checking my mobile hoping that it would feel sorry for me & at least allow me to check twitter or bbm LOL, but all my hopes went in vain :p

I recalled how easy life was when we were not reachable all the time, yet in the same time how information flow was not so easy & accessible at all times, since the source of information was either written media, radio or TV and of course word of mouth. I still wonder, how much do we really need our smart phones, I think its a luxury more than a necessity to some if not most of us.


Anonymous said...

how strange that i was talking with friends only 3 days ago about the same issue of the six degrees of separation !!!!
weird (O_o )

btw. i have 5 degrees between me and Hitler ^__^

Q80-ChillGirl said...


LOL, well I haven't thought of how connected are we with the dead :/ does the theory apply?

Anonymous said...

theoretically speaking, yes.

provided that the deceased person is the last link (okay: this condition is an addition from my side).

skimming through the wiki link doesnt clearly tell if it applies to dead people, but it kinda make sense since people life spans between 60-80 years so whoever they encounters in their lifetime is fair game :)

fe ma3lom ? wala ma3lom nahii ?

Q80-ChillGirl said...


WELL, if we link the dead people then we would get even closer, the theory I think is based on people who are alive. If you think of it, we do go back to Adam & Eve so we are closer than what that theory states .. me m3loom, you ma3loom