Wednesday, 6 October 2010

279 : Honey Lemon Flu ..

Love the honey lemon combination & the drink from Panadol family is VERY nice, better than lemsip! In taste that is, effectiveness is yet to be discovered since I just had a sachet. came to work very early today expecting a hectic day, to my surprise it was way over what I expected it to be. Had coffee at around 8am and the next time I checked the clock it was 2pm! I did not eat nor have anything healthy, I am on a diet "more like organizing my meals quality/quantity & timing" and today I ruined it BIG time. Then I felt something wrong, sore throat, dizziness and my nose was not the same, I couldn't go to the gym had a lot to do with family, cam home 9pm'ish loaded with the above, to help me fight the flu, had soup lots of lemon squeezed on it, continued the journey with lemon :p and now enjoying Stripsils.

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