Saturday, 30 October 2010

302 : Eat fresh

Picture taken yesterday Friday the 29th of October, 2010

For many reasons Subway is the most convenient place to have lunch from, so in my diet that I will try to stick to *as much as possible* Subway will be my bread/meat/cheese main source :> breakfast light bran flakes with milk, coffee & tea are a must especially during the day at work time, however I prepared several tea types to try to lower the caffeine intake, as for dinner it will be light :} fruits/veggies .. I haven't decided on snacks yet but I tried this routine before I was fine without a snack, yet at times in certain days where the work load is heavy & I go through a rough day I tend to have a snack, given that it wont be more than 100-150 callories.

Now the exact calorie count is not my issue but I bare in mind that I can lose weight with a 1500 calorie diet, due tot he fact that I do go to the gym daily, so I can afford a little more :p HOWEVER I do want to get this done with, I have been spoiling my self a loooooot, need to work on  a proper plan to lose, then maintaining shouldn't be so hard.

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