Tuesday, 26 October 2010

299 : Crack

This tiny Arabic coffee cup cracked the moment hot coffee was poured in it, just like us, if we were ever under hard circumstances & weren't in the competent level to handle it!

Today a dear tweeter "Hameedosh" asked a question about if you had one memory to erase what would it be? At first I had one, a very old one that till date when ever I recall I have a bad feeling in my gut! However, that particular situation, hmm AWKWARD humiliating situation really did teach me a lot, and as an outcome the MOST intimidating woman I ever knew respects me, the outcome did not come directly, its what that situation had done to me, and what it made me become, afterward. I discovered that I would not want to erase anything, even the bad memories, simply because they formed me, who I am today, and I like me, although am full of defects & made A LOT of HUGE mistakes and at times wish that time would just go back a little. Yet, I am in peace with who I am today :] I want a better me, but not a different me.

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