Thursday, 14 October 2010

287 : procrastination

Planning to stop procrastination :/ been abusing my books with that bad bad act! SO what I decided to do is to write a review about each book when am done, in a trial to keep my self committed :}

Although I have A LOT of books pending, yet I still enjoy buying books and look forward to go to the book fair. For the rest of 2010, will be a more active reader inshallah :>


ناعمة الهمس said...

حلو ان الواحد يشتري كتب
و الاحلى ان يقراهم

Q80-ChillGirl said...

ناعمة الهمس

صووحح :> و ان شاْ الله بخلص اللي عندي و بكتب عنهم لعل و عسى ابلش التزم بالقراءة