Monday, 18 October 2010

291 : Moon River

We might not have a River in Kuwait, but we have the Moon :p

Moon River for Frank Sinatra , its my second favorite song by him, after Come Fly With Me. Moon River has a special link to Breakfast at Tiffany's, *this is where I first heard moon river! by Audri* I simply love Audrey Hepburn's style in that movie, and she is probably the ONLY skinny woman I like!

In the movie, her class, in actions and costumes is amazing & feminine. When ever I see her I recall the lovely nanonano.

Back to Moon River, this song in particular can switch my mood from ANY direction to CALM, the moment I hear it starting, I Chill .... Smile .... Enjoy it

A side note: Gym is back into my schedule. I hear a lot complain about routine BUT at times having a repeated schedule to fit all your things / activities, can make them easy, especially that we do have 24hrs per day, 8-sleep & 8-work! So in order to fit sports, weight loss & family, friends, my schedule should be very organized. I plan to finish by December... Inshallah :} ,, this should have been a post material not a note :p


Anonymous said...

personally its a love and hate relationship for me with frank. i dont know why and i cant really put my finer on it. :/

speaking of the rat pack. this is my favorite song. not by Sinatra but by dean martin. gets my right in the 'corazon' :>

Dean Martin - Besame Mocho
(spent half an hour looking for it in my drive but i think i lost it :C )
i'll find it and uploaded it asap

Q80-ChillGirl said...


I LOVE "Besame Mocho" by Andrea Bocelli .. Will try to look for the Dean Martin version :>

Anonymous said...

found it!

hope you like it.