Wednesday, 27 October 2010

300 : Princess Leia

Congratulations all Kuwaiti brides, Princess Leia's hair is hip, LOL!

Benefits of the Princess Leia Hair do:

- Its perfect, when the groom is a star wars fan [thanx to the dear ForzaQ8 for the inspiring tweet]
- Its perfect, to protect your ears from the speakers loud noise in the wedding
- Its perfect, to HIDE the true look of your hair and fake it till the man is glued
- Its perfect, to be used as winter ear muffs, go on your Eskimo honey moon from the wedding night
- Its perfect, if you intend to give people in your wedding a good laugh

With all do respect to those who MIGHT see the hairdo / makeup as PRETTY & might actually go for this look, but as they say a little goes a long way! The idea of makeup & hairdos is to enhance / add a touch / beautify your NATURAL look, not fake a whole new one. Change is good and simplicity puts you in a win-win situation, and whats above in the picture is simply scary to me. Celebrate your natural beauty do not try to fake-up your look, love yourself a little more :]

Personally, I love my self the way I am with ALL of my imperfections & WILL NEVER paint another face over mine!


Zabo0o6a said...

When I attend a wedding and see the bride smothered with tons of freaky make up I think poor groom what wud his reaction wud be?
may5tere3 wela tyeela 9adma
3a9abiya :/

Q80-ChillGirl said...

wallah ba3ath'hom 3asal 3la their hearts :p